Ultra-thin flexible OLED screen can flutter in the wind like a flag

Flexible-screen phones are the talk of the town recently. But instead of the usual teasing that we have used Samsung and LG in recent years, the promise of a completely foldable screen smartphone comes to us this time from a different source.

Royole (pronounced “royal”), a start-up company located in Fremont, California, USA, has developed an ultra-thin OLED screen just 0.01 mm thick. It folds and can even flutter in the wind like a flag. Royole is also working on a phone concept that can be wrapped around a wrist that is promised to be unveiled next week at IFA.

Foldable screen smartphones are considered the next major innovation that the market needs to boost sales that are starting to run out of steam. The expectations were that Samsung would announce soon a phone with a flexible OLED display that is “unbreakable”.

Royole has factories in China and works primarily for third-party brands that use its flexible displays in clothing, speakers and cars. Some of these products are already on sale, for example a hat and a T-shirt that incorporate flexible screens. Although these screens are not tactile, they offer a crisp, clear display with a density that ranges from 200 to 300 pixels per inch. They are also very light.

Rolling phones are not a new concept. In 2016, Lenovo introduced the CPlus that wraps around the wrist. We also know that Samsung and Huawei are working on “foldable” phones. Rumor has it that they are equipped with two screens connected by a hinge, like the Axon M, manufactured by ZTE. All this excitement gives hope that the first foldable screen phone could arrive sooner than we think.

August 29, 2018 admin