Fortnite for Android: Google discovers a security breach and reveals it against the advice of Epic

Launching a game for Android outside the Play Store is not forbidden, but it deprives the game from of a significant layer of security. Not only users must allow “installation of applications from unknown sources” on their smartphones to enjoy, but this also means that the game will avoid the security filters of the Store.

Epic knows this, but for the port of his famous title Fortnite, the developer still preferred to sidestep the Android application store, citing various reasons. Google, which will have to do without the revenue generated by the game (much to company’s regret), also knows and has not failed to highlight the security risks of the approach of Epic.

The beta of the game is no longer limited to Samsung smartphones, and can therefore be downloaded by many users of Android. Google, which was not at all required to analyze it, still did a review of the application on August 15 and spotted a security breach in the installer of Fortnite for Android. By exploiting it, hackers theoretically could have bypass the Epic download process. This would have allowed them to replace the official files with others containing a virus for example.

Google quickly alerted Epic of the problem, which could fix it within 48 hours. But the developer still asked Google to wait 90 days, the duration the software giant adheres to in such situations, before publicly revealing the flaw, in order to ensure that all users download the new version of the game.

Google refused and unveiled the details of the vulnerability just after 7 days, which obviously did not please Epic. In a statement to Mashable, company CEO Tim Sweeney said his company “appreciated the Google effort” to analyze Fortnite’s security, but said it was “irresponsible for Google to publicly reveal the technical details of the fault as soon as possible. ”

For Epic, no doubt, this happened because his company has refused to publish Fortnite on the Play Store. Could this be Google’s revenge? Contacted by Mashable, the Google replied that its “first priority is the safety of Android users.”

August 29, 2018 admin