Amazon will start selling “Echo Donut”

Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Spot … and soon Echo Donut, codename of the 3rd generation Dot. According to FrAndroid / Numerama, Amazon is currently working on a new small connected speaker, in a form-factor that is logically close to that of today’s Echo Dot. Currently being tested by employees of Amazon, the new Echo would focus on audio quality, thus competing more fiercely with Google Home Mini.

Echo Dot made a solid improvement in the sound quality, but it makes sense only when it is connected to a dedicated audio system via its jack, or as a simple home automation hub. On the other hand, Echo Dot cannot provide a good enough sound for a living room alone, or even for a whole room. If we believe the pictures published by Numerama, Echo Donut would take the design “fabric” of the Echo, as well as its four usual control buttons.

For now there’s no price or release date, but if the product is already in testing by Amazon employees, we can hope to see it on the market in the relatively short term – probably even before the end of the year.

August 29, 2018 admin